A social journey.

Did you know two basic needs of all human beings is to feel a sense of belonging and to be connected with others? And, that research has shown — with the way social MEDIA is currently structured — does the exact opposite creating disconnect, social pressure, and negativity? But, people stay on because they don’t think they have another place to go to stay connected with their family and friends. If you’re one of those people, you’ve come to the right place because we know what it takes to create real human connection!

A social Self experience.

We believe people want a new social community that advocates kindness, acceptance and support. S Traveler is a social platform that encourages growth, success, and deep human connection through culturally relevant self-development courses and metaphorical travel (courses are optional, users can choose to use S Traveler for social interactions only); giving users the ability to not only keep in touch with family and friends, but to meet new people from all around the world on a positive, safe, secure and open-minded platform.

The time is now. Diversity is here. Culture is relevant. And, community is what we need.

Human beings have been growing apart for far too long- it’s time to come together for a social revolution to change the world! Sounds dreamy, right? Maybe even impossible. But, what if I told you we know how to do it, right in the comforts of your own home! S Traveler is not just another social media platform, it’s a social SELF experience that creates deep human connection through a culturally relevant, self-development, and growth oriented platform. It’s a place where users can metaphorically travel to different destinations to be immersed in those communities to learn from each other. S Traveler encourages global unity, where language, race, religion, and geography is no barrier to human connection. Get your virtual passport ready, it’s time to go!

How are we different?

We are taking away politics and negativity by adding culture and self – development teachings offered by S Traveler instructors from different countries around the globe. The intention is to create culture exposure in a self-empowerment context so we can learn, support, and finally grow together to unify the world. That said, users will be immersed in the cultural communities of their choosing, consisting of supportive members with similar goals and growth-oriented mindsets.

Professionals will benefit too.

S Traveler caters to those who aspire to teach self-development to our users and build a following of your own. Life coaches, inspirational speakers, spiritual teachers and mental health practitioners will use S traveler as a source to advertise your services. The platform will eventually allow you to offer your own courses and videos to users who want to experience other content outside of S Traveler courses.

Our Platform

S Traveler will always make decisions and create/add new features with the question in mind, “How do we create deeper human connection?”

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  • culturally relevant self-development courses.
  • metaphorical “travel” to expose users to different cultures and communities around the world.
  • NO politics and negativity allowed on the site.
  • No ads in your social experience
  • users will only be able to see their number of followers and the emoji reactions to their posts and journal entries on their dashboard. This information will not be made public for the intention of less ego and social pressure on social media. On the other hand, post/journal comments are made public.
  • a gratitude board where users mention other users to express their gratitude for something they did that affected them in a positive way. This will encourage goodwill.
  • the travel buddy option- where people can “travel’ together to another country – to do a new course together or join a new community.